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Are You Missing Data for Your Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs)?

Posted by Ellen Bzomowski on Oct 6, 2016 8:10:00 AM

Missing Data for Clinical Quality Measures

It’s a frequent topic of conversation between us and our prospective customers.  They come to us because their quality reports are not complete… and it’s frustrating.  They are struggling to get the data they need.  Here are some examples that we often hear about:

“Screenings that are conducted externally to
your organization are missing the appropriate
data in the EMR to be included automatically
in the quality reports.”

“Specialist reports that are faxed back in order
to close the loop are not logged effectively in the
EMR to show up automatically in quality reports.”

“Recordings of A1C test results that are faxed
are not accurately accounted for as the result
is missing in the EMR, and therefore, does not
appear in quality reports.”


The Solution

An automated clinical data extraction software could be the perfect solution to these common Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) problems. Here is how an intelligent clinical data extraction solution solves these problems:

CQM Solution with Data Extraction

Monitoring: The solution can intelligently monitor incoming faxes for documents that contain important CQM information.


CQM Solution with Data Extraction

Basic Extraction: Automatically extracting the key CQM data required, including lab result values, dates of service, etc. and sending it via HL7 to the patient record along with appropriate data in the order or encounter level to assure that reports are complete.


Automatic Document Indexing CQMsIndexing: It can automatically classify, index, and route those original faxes to the EMR based on extracted patient demographic data, that can be pre-validated against the list of patients in the EMR, and other CQM data to be sure it is available for clinicians to access.


Advanced Extraction & Routing: Optionally, a deeper level of clinical data can also be extracted from these documents to populate the fields of the EMR so that clinicians have it in flow sheets or other necessary trendable formats for a more complete picture.

Automated Data Extraction


This solution exists today and is being used by some of the top hospitals in the country. Want to learn a little more? Check out this quick video overview to see how we are helping Northwestern, UW Health, Kansas University Medical Center, University of Virginia and Duke University improve their lab results workflow.


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