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4 Signs You Need an Advanced OCR Solution

Posted by Kevin Tschopik on Oct 25, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Document Management Automated Classification

As our workload continues to build and technology continues to advance, it may be time to analyze your current procedures to see if an advanced OCR solution is right for you. Applying such a solution can save valuable work hours, improve turnaround times, increase transcription accuracy and yield an exceptional ROI all while streamlining your workflow. Here are four signs that you should look into an advanced OCR software solution.


High Volume of Incoming Faxes

While it may be a common assumption in modern business that faxes are on the way out, many industries are seeing the opposite.  Healthcare, local government, and law offices are all seeing increased fax document transmission. With a high volume of incoming faxes comes the need to triage incoming documents.  OCR technology is a key component in accurate document classification and in many cases can completely remove the human element from the equation.  Leveraging OCR technology to automatically classify and file documents can free up users to perform more vital business tasks.


You Have Scanned Images That Aren’t Searchable

It’s a common scenario to have volumes of PDFs that have information in them that is essentially “stuck” because the text on the images is not searchable.  OCR technology gives you the ability to convert all that text into a format that is machine readable.  This means users are able to quickly search for information they need in the documents, as well as copy and paste it out into other applications.  Imagine being able to quickly search through a thousand-page case for a specific quote, or a radiological report to a specific finding.


Fully Manual Data Entry

OCR text can be powerfully leveraged when combined with related technologies to improve data entry.  Tools can be applied to find important business information and automatically populate it into data entry fields, speeding the entry up immensely.  Lab information can be extracted from faxed reports, legal information can be extracted from land records, case information can be extracted from legal documents.  The possibly are endless, if you need information from documents, these applications can help you get it.


Need to Redact Sensitive Information

Swinging in the opposite direction, maybe you need to eliminate information from documents.  This is another area that advanced OCR solutions can be of invaluable assistance.  With privacy becoming more and more important in our modern world it’s becoming increasingly vital to redact information from documents that need to go into the public record.  Just as information can be easily extracted and presented to a data entry user, so can that information be redacted.  What’s more, by using this type of technology users no longer have to look at every document searching for sensitive information.  Because these technologies use OCR data, the sensitive information can be identified based on what’s found on the page.  In many cases the information can be automatically redacted and a user never has to do anything but QA the system doing the work. 


Do any or all of these signs call out to you? If so, contact us right away so we can schedule a demo, discuss your needs and have a solution implemented for you within weeks.

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